Electronic Consent Agreement

By clicking the “I Accept” box, you are providing consent for Barclays Bank Delaware(“We”, “Us”) to provide required disclosures to you electronically. This consent for electronic delivery applies to all required disclosures regarding all deposit accounts you have with us, and is effective until withdrawn by you. Agreeing to accept disclosures electronically means that once we present them to you, and, if required, you accept them, they will apply to you and your deposit accounts with us. It also means that we may not mail you copies of disclosures that are provided electronically. Accordingly, you should print or otherwise retain a copy for your records of this disclosure and all other disclosures you receive electronically.

In order to open and maintain a deposit account on-line, you must consent to electronic delivery of all disclosures. If you do not want to consent to electronic delivery of documents, you will not be able to open or maintain deposit accounts with us.

Listed below are some of the disclosures you may receive electronically:

Deposit Account Terms and Conditions Agreement and disclosures related to opening an account; 
Images of canceled checks;
Any disclosure or notification that is required under applicable laws and regulations. This may include, but is not limited to, information about a maturing certificate of deposit, a change- in-terms notice, information about any dispute you might raise under the Electronic Funds Transfer or Truth in Lending Acts, or annual notices required under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act and the Privacy Policy;
Our Privacy Policy;
Year-end tax information; or 
Any other disclosures that we are required to provide.

We may, at our discretion, make electronic disclosures available to you via our website or by e-mail, and may choose to send paper copies of disclosures to you even though we made or could have made them available to you electronically.

You can withdraw your consent to electronic delivery, but doing so will not affect the legal effectiveness, validity, or enforceability of the electronic documents that were provided to you before your withdrawal became effective. If you withdraw consent for electronic delivery, your withdrawal may take up to ten (10) days for us to process and we will close your deposit accounts.

You can request that we send you a paper copy of any disclosure that was originally provided electronically (we may charge you a fee for providing some documents and we will send these to documents to you using the United States Postal Service), withdraw your consent to receive future documents electronically, or provide us with updated information about how we can contact you electronically by writing to us or by using a method that may be made available to you on this website. If your e-mail address changes, you must provide us with the new address before the change either by writing to us or by using a method that may be made available to you on this website.

You may address any inquiries or questions to Barclays Bank Delaware, by visiting www.BarclaycardUS.com/a and sending us an e-mail using the secure mailbox facility or at DepositResearch@barclaycardus.com, calling us at 1-888-710-8756, or writing us at:

Barclays Bank Delaware 
P.O. Box 70378
Philadelphia, PA 19176

In order to receive electronic disclosures, you will need a working connection to the Internet. Your browser must support the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. SSL provides a secure channel to send and receive data over the Internet through HS encryption capabilities. Microsoft Internet Explorer® version 7 or higher and Mozilla Firefox® version 3 or higher support this feature. You will also need either a printer connected to your computer to print documents or sufficient hard drive space available to save the information.

We may change this disclosure by posting the revised version on our website. By clicking the “I Accept” box, you are confirming that you consent to electronic delivery of disclosures, that your system meets the requirements described above, that you are able to access disclosures presented on our website or via e-mail, and that you can either print or electronically store these disclosures.